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RFFlow 5.06

RFFlow 5.06: RFFlow - Software for Flowcharts, Organization Charts, and Business Diagrams flowcharting (basic flowcharting, DIN66001, physical flowcharting), fluid power design, gantt charts, genetic pedigree charts, Graham process flow, Greek alphabet, IDEF0, IDEF1X, industrial objects, office layouts, organization charts, pert charts, quality system/ISO 9000 charts, SDL charts, software design (UML, Booch, Gane/Sarson, Shlaer-Mellor OOA,Yourdan, and others), structure charts, timelines, transportation objects and WBS charts. You can

Diagonal Flow 1.2: The revolution of the flow puzzle!  Use diagonal lines to connect all points!
Diagonal Flow 1.2

flow puzzle! In this flow puzzle you have to use diagonal lines to connect all points with the same color. Don`t break the flow by crossing lines with different color and fill all cells. The download of this app is for free. Diagonal Flow game features: - Use diagonal lines to connect all points. - Unlimited levels! A puzzle generator will generate as many games as you like! - Game statistics: Try to beat your best time! - Multiple grid sizes: From

game, brain, flow, puzzle, logic, diagonal flow

FlyCharts Flash Chart Component 2.10: Flash chart component for creating interactive graphs and charts for the web
FlyCharts Flash Chart Component 2.10

charts quickly using user-friendly interface. External JavaScript interface allows to use all browser development capabilities including Ajax technology. Combination of Ajax and FlyCharts gives an outstanding possibility to generate dynamic charts for different purposes. Besides FlyCharts can be easily integrated with DHTML Grid component. If you want to create your own interactive and good-looking flash chart download trial version free for non-

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FlowBreeze Standard Flowchart Software 2.3.7: FlowBreeze is a flowchart generator for Excel. Creates flowcharts as you type.
FlowBreeze Standard Flowchart Software 2.3.7

Flow Charts. ... Make flowcharts just by typing text - FlowBreeze automatically does the rest ... Over 100 built-in Flowchart Templates...Text-To-Flowchart Wizard creates flowcharts from exisitng text in just a few clicks...It generates the flow chart symbols for you, based on the words you use ... It automatically applies the formatting you choose, adds flow lines, and aligns the flow chart symbols ... And your flow charts can be shared with and

flow diagram, process map, flowchart, flow chart software, process diagram, flowcharting

Free Desktop XP Screensaver 1.0: Download it and a steady stream of outstanding images will flow to your screen!
Free Desktop XP Screensaver 1.0

Are you bored with your Windows XP desktop? Do you want to make something really cool out of it? This free screensaver could be a nice start! Download it now and a steady stream of outstanding images will flow to your desktop bringing a truly unique style to it.

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FlowBiz Workflow Designer 3.51: Create workflow process documentation such as procedures and workflow routes
FlowBiz Workflow Designer 3.51

FlowBiz Workflow Designer is a tool that is used to design the flow of activities in a workflow. Seamlessly bind both a flow chart diagram and workflow details together to help break Workflow Maps into easy to manage steps with so little effort. If linked to a FlowBiz Workflow Server database you unleash the power of FlowBiz Workflow Designer instantly creating live procedures, references, workflow guides or workflow automation outputs.

flowchart, workflow, flow chart, procedure, process

AutoFlowchart 3.5.2: auto generate N-S chart and flowchart from code and export to WORD,Visio,SVG
AutoFlowchart 3.5.2

flowchart; * Visual source code to N-S chart; * Visual source code to treeview; * Export flowchart to Visio; * Export flowchart to Word; * Export flowchart to SVG; * Export flowchart to BMP (Bitmap); * Support C/C++(Visual C++, C++ Builder,...); * Support Pascal(Delphi,...); * Chart zoom in and zoom out; * Chart node expand and collapse; * Print flowchart; * Print sourcecode; * Synchronization between flowchart, source code and treeview; * MDI( multiple

source, flowchart, word, visio, code

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